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I have been a resident of Northern California all of my life.
I moved to Oroville, Ca to establish the local Burger King franchise in 1984. While still being involved in the restaurant business I decided, in 1994 to diversify my career by obtaining my real estate license and "dabbling" in real estate part-time.

By the end of my first year in the real estate business I realized that attempting to do real estate on a part-time basis, while still providing excellent service was nearly impossible. Suddenly I found myself with two FULL-TIME careers.

I managed to balance both of these career choice for about 5 years before deciding, that after a total of 21 years in the Burger King business, it was time to sell the restaurant. The only dilemma? The real estate market was not very good at that time and there was no way for me to provide for my family, as I should, with current market conditions being what they were. It was then that I was offered a position with a major Wall Street investment company that allowed me the potential to generate the income I thought I needed. So, in August, 2000 I took a position as a Financial Consultant with A.G Edwards & Sons, Inc.

I really enjoyed the job of helping people plan for their financial future,and advising them on the best ways to build wealth. Being entrusted with someone's financial well being is not something I took lightly then or now. Keeping that trust was and is my top priority.

After 3 years in this position I was approached by the real estate broker that I had worked with and was asked to come back to work for him. You see, the market had begun to get busy and he said he needed me to help him run his office.

Now what do I do? I have this new career I am working in, but I REALLY LIKE doing real estate.

Loyalty is very important to me so I was torn as to what to do. Lucky for me, I have a wife who is great at looking at the big picture. She encouraged me to do what makes me the happiest.

Sooooooo..... back to real estate I went (try to keep up here.) My first day back in the business full time was April 15, 2003 and I have been here ever since.

In October of 2007 the broker I was working with decided it was time to retire and offered me the opportunity to buy him out. Of course, I jumped at the chance. On December 1, 2007 I officially opened the doors as a REALTY WORLD franchise.


Well, I could see a change occurring in the industry. A change AWAY from "traditional" means of doing business towards conducting business more over the internet.

In talking with three other real estate companies it was quite clear that REALTY WORLD shared my vision on where the industry was headed and was way ahead to the curve in planning for these changes. The proof of this vision can be seen in every aspect of our business today. Nearly everything we do is over the internet in one way or the other. I answer more e-mail inquires and text message inquiries than I do phone calls any more.
Through our partnership with major real estate portals my listings can be seen by thousands of people each day on over 800 websites, something that was impossible when I started in this business. The recent introduction of my full featured video tours allow buyers to see a home up close without having to burn expensive gasoline, while providing sellers a more accurate portrayal of their home online, resulting in a more qualified buyer taking personal tours of the home.
And with the latest technology of electronic signatures you can sign your "paperwork" right on your computer.

So think about this, you can find an agent, view and tour properties, check out the neighborhoods and sign your purchase contract without ever leaving home. Actually you don't have to think about it. It is a reality today. Of course, I would recommend that you get away from your computer at least long enough to actually look at your potential new home before buying it.

Whether you are buying or selling I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.



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