Lake Oroville Real Estate Market Week In Review

Well, with every technology upgrade comes a little bit of a learning curve.

It took me a little while to figure out how to report the Lake Oroville real estate market home sales report with the new blogging site that REALTY WORLD provided, but I think I got it figured out for this week at least.

I know that it has been a long time since I reported on market activity for the sale of Oroville area homes and the current levels of Lake Oroville area active listings on the market. Hopefully this new format is a little easier to digest.

What we are currently seeing in the Lake Oroville real estate market is Continue reading

Looming Deadline Could Doom Your Loan

Take heed Lake Oroville area home buyers.  You may be about to have your home buying plans moved to the sidelines.

This information is also valuable to  Oroville home sellers as it is entirely possible that the pool of potential home buyer could be shrinking.

Watch this latest video for a brief explanation for why this may happen to you.

More Services To Help Navigate The Market

One of  the great benefits of my association with Realty World of Northern California is the amount of technology and information they provide to me free.  Without their commitment to me and other Northern California Realty World broker’s and their associates, this blog site would not even exist.

To be perfectly candid, in a market such as this, and,  as a matter of fact, in any type of market,  it is pretty much an economic impossibility to have a website such as this one, pay for it myself, and still be able to subscribe to other online real estate tools that assist buyers, sellers, and others in the Lake Oroville real estate market and beyond, in quenching their thirst for information on market conditions, or in assisting them in determining the value of their Oroville, Chico, Paradise, or Yuba City home.  A simple comparison search of other agent’s personal websites, if they even have one, will bear me out on this.

The newest feature that I able to subscribe to is one that provides you the ability to do a FREE search for the status of properties in the foreclosure process. With just a couple clicks of your mouse you can search for, and request foreclosure information on, not just any Lake Oroville home, but of homes in the states of California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada that are facing foreclosure.  This new service is powered by, which is the new leader in the gathering and disseminating of foreclosure information in the Western United States.

If you find a property about which you would like to know more, simply click on the link and complete the request form. The request form comes direct to my e-mail box and I can then provide the current status to you.  (Don’t worry, I am not going to spam you into oblivion with a bunch of worthless e-mails)

Accessing this free search service can be done by clicking the Foreclosure widget or the Foreclosure Search navigation link at the top of my site. Or click here to access the search screen.

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Sonic Comes to Oroville

It looks like Sonic Drive-In has ironed out any issues they were having with their attempted development of one of their restaurants here in the Lake Oroville real estate market.

After being delayed for nearly a year, it appears that the company is nearing the ground breaking for its newest Northern California unit. In driving to work this morning at 7:15 I noticed the “Coming Soon” sign on the vacant lot next to our new Holiday Inn Express. This will be another nice addition to Oroville Dam Blvd in an area that has laid vacant for a number of years.

I know what you are going to say, “Just what we need, another burger joint.” While it is true that there is no shortage of fast food places in town ( including the Burger King I used to own and operate), it is a positive thing for the Oroville market, as it will provide more entry level jobs, and probably 2 or 3 managerial positions. Yes, we do need more than just entry level jobs here, but it certainly better than no jobs at all. If the Feather River Recreation and Parks District can spend $4.5 million to keep 16 people employed, then it makes perfect sense for Sonic to invest somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.5 million to create 30-40 jobs.

I think is is also a recognition by a major company that this town is economically viable enough to invest in. To be honest, I am a bit surprised that we didn’t take a back seat to Chico on this one. Apparently the company execs felt Oroville was the best for them to be at this time, than the Chico market. I am sure, though that it won’t be long before Chico has its own.

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