It Rained On Our Parade but…

Even a little rain on our Feather Fiesta Days parade could not keep the throngs of people away from the Lake Oroville real estate market for our annual week-long celebration of our hometown.

The Saturday before Mother’s Day is the tradition kick-off to the wealth of spring and summer activities that abound it the Lake Oroville real estate  area each year. There is so much to do around Oroville Ca and the surrounding areas this time of year that you would have to clone yourself to see it all. Luck for you, I will be posting videos like this one throughout this time of year so you can enjoy as much as you can of the Lake Oroville Ca area. I hope you enjoy the video.

All About Them

By: Mark Wisterman

Throughout my relatively short period of time on this earth I have witnessed many things. Some good, some not so good. Some funny, far too many, tragic.

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One of those not so good things I am reminded of on nearly a daily basis as I watch and read the news, or I observe  the overall behavior of our society in general, is the constant march toward the “it’s all about me” way of life. There is an incessant drive to care only about oneself and to heck with everything else.  I even see it at special times of the year like this when we have these national holidays. How often did you hear a response similar to this when you asked someone what they are doing for this Memorial Day weekend?: “Well, we are going to have some people over and have a Bar-B-Que and some beer and then maybe go out on the lake.” Or, ” We’re taking the family on a camping trip.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I think these are fine things to do on a Memorial Day weekend. My point is that there seems to be only talk of ourselves and very rarely a mention of THEM. After all, this holiday was given to us, not for us, but to honor them. It’s all about them.

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It’s all about the over 1.3 million people who have given their lives in the formation and defense of this country. It is about nearly 1.5 million people who have been wounded in preserving our freedom, securing our rights as human beings, and the ability to exercise those rights without fear of persecution. It is their bravery and sacrifice that allow you to have that BBQ, to be able to say what you want and go where you want.  Would it be too much to ask, in light of the sacrifices made by so many, if, when asked what we are doing this Memorial Day weekend, part of answer includes something along the lines of : ” I am going to take some time to thank God for those paid the ultimate price so I can be free to do what I want this weekend.” Could it be that hard to drop the,  “all about me attitude” for one weekend a year and take a moment to remember those who died or were wounded in defense of your right to be that way? I certainly hope not. Please take a moment out of your busy schedules to remember not only those that have fallen or have been wounded in defending our freedoms but to also remember and pray for those who, this very minute, are putting their lives on the line, in some far away land, to do the same for us and for others.  Make this Memorial Day “All About Them.”

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Weekly Oroville Home Sales Roundup

This latest edition of the weekly Oroville home sales roundup shows that the Lake Oroville real estate market may finally be normalizing.

Price stabilization seems to be taking hold as monthly  median prices have barely moved over the past 12 months. Between April 1, 2014  and March 31, 2015 the median Oroville area home price (the midpoint price of all homes sold)  was $145,000. During this time, the highest monthly median price was September 2014 at $159,000 and the lowest price being recorded this March at $128,895. In addition, March was the first month since May 2013 that the monthly median price was lower in the current year than it was in the same month of the previous year.

There are two things that you should be watching very closely if you are trying to gauge the health of the Oroville real estate market. One of those things is Continue reading

Buyers Beware

If there was ever a reason to use the time-tested phrase of Buyers Beware, this is it.

This type of thing has been going on for a long time, and not just in the real estate market of the Lake Oroville area. Just think how much money these type of companies are coaxing out of unsuspecting new homeowners. If they only get a 10% participation rate they would be raking in millions of dollars. Don’t fall for it folks.